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Acamprol Tablet 6’s pertains to a group of medications recognized as psychiatric agents. It is adopted to deal with alcohol dependence. Psychosis is a situation that influences the way your brain procedures information. It results in you missing touch with sensibility. A mental or physical ailment, substance misuse, or severe anxiety or trauma can result in it. In alcohol dependence, the person is not able to stop drinking when he/she has begun and needs to drink more alcohol to perceive the same result.

Acamprol Tablet 6’s functions by solidifying the chemicals (substances) in your brain that were harmed due to excessive use of alcohol. Because alcohol enters the brain’s reward system, there is an enormous probability

How Acamprol – 333mg works

The composition of this medicine contains an active ingredient called Acamprosate Calcium. This substance works with the neurotransmitter systems in the brain. This medicine suppresses a specific neurochemical activity in the brain and reduces alcohol withdrawal syndrome. Only patients with a prescription can buy Acamprol 333mg from online pharmacies.

Dosage of Acamprol – 333mg

Generally, doctors recommend two doses per day of this medicine to someone who has a mild alcohol addiction. However, a patient with severe alcohol addiction needs three dosages, especially during their initial days of recovery. If you buy Acamprol 333mg you should know the instructions regarding the usage of the medicine.

How to use it?

Even though food does not react with this medicine, it is better to take this medicine after a full meal. The patient should drink lots of water after taking this medicine because the water helps easy absorption of the drug into the bloodstream and make it act faster. The patient should swallow this medicine as a whole without chewing, crushing, or dissolving it in any liquid.

This medicine is also available in the generic version. The most common generic medicine is Acamprosate. Contrary to common myth, the generic version of the drug contains the same substance as the brand medication and works similarly. A patient can order Acamprosate generic to get rid of his alcohol addiction. Please stick to the recommended dose. Over consuming it will not make you recover from addiction, any faster. Instead, it will cause overdose and may create adverse effects.

Side effects of Acamprol – 333mg

Just like any other medicine Acamprol also has few side effects. Before a patient decides to buy Campral online, he should be aware of this fact. The side effect may include.

  • Insomnia
  • Diarrhea
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Nausea
  • Renal failure

Most of these side effects are temporary and disappear in a couple of days after stopping the medicine. If the side effects cause too much discomfort, the patient should contact a physician and seek medical help immediately.

Caution with Acamprol – 333mg

Before you buy Acamprol 333mg online, you should know that this medication is a complex chemical substance, and it is not a suitable drug for every alcoholic. This medicine is very safe when taken as instructed by the doctor. However, here are a few cautions a patient needs to take.

  • This medicine is not suitable for those who have a chronic kidney problem.
  • This medicine may increase suicidal tendencies in the patient with underlying mental conditions.
  • This medicine may increase depression in the patient.
  • This medicine is not suitable for anyone aged below 16.
  • It is advised not to operate a vehicle after taking this medicine.
  • A pregnant woman should consult a doctor before they get Acamprol cash on delivery.
  • This medicine may pass through breast milk and affect infants. Thus, a breastfeeding mother should not take this medicine.
  • A patient with hypersensitivity should not take this medicine.

The patient may need additional mental support for full recovery from alcohol addiction.


Acamprol is consumed to deal with alcohol dependency along with other rehabilitation therapy such as counseling and social assistance for people who retain the intention of preventing alcohol consumption. Acamprosate lessens the appetite to consume alcohol. One can buy Acomoprol online very easily.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


You should not put up with an Acamprol tablet if you are pregnant or think you may be expecting. Nonetheless, unreasonable alcohol input in pregnancy can damage the fetus. Therefore inform your physician about the amount and frequency of your alcohol consumption during pregnancy. Your doctor shall instruct you on the de-addiction medication consequently.

Human studies have shown that acamprol has little effect on the central nervous system (CNS) beyond its effects on alcohol dependency, showing no anticonvulsant, antidepressant, or anxiolytic properties.

It does not influence the driving abilities of an individual.

You should not consume alcohol while you are on the medication. Alcohol consumption, while taking this medicine, can curtail its efficiency or nullify its effect.

Diarrhea, nausea, puking, gas, abdomen pain, loss of appetite, headache, sleepiness, dizziness, constipation, fatigue, weight gain/loss, muscle/joint discomfort, modification in sexual desire, or lessened sexual ability may happen. If any of these impacts last or get worse, tell your doctor or apothecary quickly.

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  1. oliver lucas

    My husband was a great alcohol dependent a year back and nothing seemed to really work on his habit of drinking. A friend recommended me Acamprol and I am glad I listened to him. It really helped us!

  2. Emma Brown

    How should I thank the mankind enough to have such medication discovered. I almost got rid off my alcohol addiction in a year. Just loved it!

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