Subutex a Safe

Subutex can be used to mitigate the symptoms of opiate withdrawal. After all, avoiding relapse during detox is one of the greatest obstacles in the fight against addiction.

The medication is particularly advantageous for opioid addicts. Heroin and similar drugs are known to produce excruciating withdrawal symptoms. It has been demonstrated that “cold turkey” quitters are significantly more likely to relapse before the conclusion of the detox phase due to these symptoms. Subutex is an option for those who wish to transition into a drug-free lifestyle more easily.


The medication Subutex contains buprenorphine. In the early years of the new millennium, the Food and Drug Administration issued approvals. Methadone was the most commonly prescribed drug for treating opiate addiction and withdrawal symptoms at the time.

Subutex and Suboxone are Schedule III substances, while methadone is a Schedule II substance. In turn, these substances pose a lower risk of addiction and are subsequently viewed as a superior option in the drug rehabilitation process by the majority of experts. These medications are prescribed to nearly 10 million individuals annually.

It is possible to abuse Subutex and for recuperating addicts to relapse by abusing the drug. As a result, only those who are truly committed to recovery are advised to use the medication as part of their treatment. PRESCRIBED 


The quantity of Subutex prescribed to each person varies. In general, a person with a severe dependence on heroin or prescription narcotics will require a higher dose than a patient with chronic pain. Ideally, a doctor will prescribe decreasing quantities as a patient’s recovery progresses.

The daily dosage for the majority of heroin addicts in recovery is 8 mg. During the initial few days of withdrawal, this quantity may be higher. In certain instances, physicians will prescribe 8 mg for the first twenty-four hours of withdrawal, followed by 16 mg for one or more days.

After the first week of withdrawal, doctors will attempt to reduce the amount of buprenorphine prescribed to patients. Again, the optimal dosage is user-dependent. Depending on the intensity of the addict’s cravings, the dosage may be adjusted in 2- to 4-mg increments, but the objective is to progressively reduce usage.

No one should take more than 24 mg per day, and Subutex should only be administered as part of a comprehensive treatment program.


The half-life of buprenorphine is between 28 and 70 hours. The user’s dosage determines the duration of the medication’s effects and how long the substance remains in the body. The effects of a moderate intake will last approximately one day before they begin to diminish. Consequently, it is advised that individuals prescribed Subutex take a daily dose during the ORT phase.

Following cessation of drug use, the drug will be eliminated through the digestive system. This procedure could take several days. At the conclusion of the first week following cessation, former users should have no trace of the drug in their urine or blood.


As is the case with most opioids, even replacement medications can cause negative adverse effects. Typical results include:

Because Subutex dehydrates the body and leaves the brain thirsty for water, it may cause migraines.

Subutex, Suboxone, and other opioid replacement drugs may induce nausea in the user. This is most likely since our bodies perceive these substances (including narcotics) as dangerous chemicals.

Numerous variables may contribute to the fatigue caused by Subutex. Frequently, it is a sign of opioid withdrawal. Although buprenorphine convinces the user’s brain that opioids are present in the body, the system is not actually receiving the usual compounds. Constipation is an additional potential adverse effect of buprenorphine. While the body concentrates on replacing the opioid receptors, the digestive system receives less attention. The user may have trouble with bowel movements.

Other usual, but less frequent, side effects include:

Excessive perspiration


Spine discomfort




Flu-like symptoms


Subutex is intended to facilitate detoxification from opioids and the transition to a sober lifestyle. As with any substance, it is susceptible to abuse. Individuals who have been prescribed the medication should only take it as prescribed.

Because Subutex produces comparable euphoric effects to heroin, it is abused by some individuals. Although it does not contain naloxone like Suboxone, the buprenorphine it contains will activate the opioid receptors in the brain. Those who pulverize, snort, or inject their prescribed dosage will experience euphoria.

Snorting Subutex or using other opioid replacement therapy (ORT) medications in this manner significantly increases the likelihood of a future opioid relapse. In addition, such use can have adverse effects on the liver, which eliminates the substance from the body at a decreasing rate. The drug’s effects on the liver can result in a variety of organ and muscle tissue disorders.

Even though doctors only prescribe moderate doses of buprenorphine, those who obtain it illegally and consume excessive amounts risk fatal overdose.


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