Efavir vs Valcivir

AIDS caused by HIV is a lethal disease. Even though science hasn’t found a complete cure for this disease, they have come up with many medications that can manage this disease and reduce the effect of HIV on the system. Currently, there are various types of medicines available in the market that provides some relief to the patients. Efavir and Valcivir are such medicines for this disease.

But many people often wonder which medicine is better for HIV treatment. Let’s compare Efavir vs Valcivir by seeing different aspects of these medicines.


This medicine is a combination of three chemical substances. It is also known as antiretroviral-mechanized drug. This medicine interacts with the HIV enzyme and stops its multiplication. It reverses the transcript HIV enzyme and prevent human immune deficiency. With better immunity, the patients will have better resistance to other diseases. The FDA approved it as a part of HIV treatment in 1998. For years, this medicine has improved the living quality of countless AIDS patients. A patient can buy Efavir online with the prescription of a physician.


In the year 1995, Valcivir came into the study for treating HIV. Besides HIV treatment, doctors also use this medicine for viral infection treatments. This drug has extensive usage, and it is one of the top most-prescribed medications in American history. An HIV patient can now order Valcivir cash on delivery.

Difference between Efavir and Valcivir

Do many patients often wonder which medicine they should get for their HIV treatment, Efavir or Valcivir? Even though both of these medicines are effective in HIV treatment, they are not the same. First of all, one should know that neither of the drugs is a cure for AIDS. Neither of the drugs can give you the luxury to stop any medications you are currently using for HIV treatment.

• Valcivir is a medicine known for its antiviral properties. Doctors often prescribe Valcivir for HIV, herpes, and cytomegalovirus infection   management.
• The scientist has designed Efavir for HIV only.
• The price of Valcivir is around $2 in the USA.
• The price of Efavir is more than $200 in the USA.
• Both the drugs have the potential to cause risk to the fetus. Thus, the   patient should avoid getting pregnant during the course of treatment

Side effects

When comparing Efavir vs Valcivir, you have to understand that just like any other medicine, these two medicines also come with some side effects. Most common side effects of these medicines are:

• Dizziness
• Vomiting
• Weight loss
• Nausea
• Skin rash

In most patients, these side effects occur in the first few days of medication and slowly vanish when the patient’s system gets used to the drug. However, it is best to consult a doctor if the side effects remain persistent.

Who should not use these medicines?

Precautions for Efavir vs Valcivir users are different. Compared to Valcivir, Efavir is much safer to use. However, there are some restrictions on Valcivir usage. A patient should consider these aspects before he decides to get Valcivir COD online.

• A patient with liver disease should not take this medicine.
• Those who have a history of chronic kidney disease should avoid Valcivir.
• A pregnant mother should not take Valcivir without the doctor’s permission.

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